Management consultancy services:-
  • Developing management information system. 
  • Designing budgetary and control system. 
  • Determining measures of the effective utilization of capital. 
  • Installing cost accounting system. 
  • Assisting the management in the efficient use of working capital as an aid to improve productivity 
  • Advising management on principles of organization and methods for effective delegation and planning of work. 
  • Rendering advice on international taxation matters, foreign collaborations, joint ventures, double taxation agreements etc.,
  • Reviewing procedures and equipment for operational control. 
  • Review of financial planning and policies for effective utilization of resources. 
  • Rendering secretarial services and advice on Corporate Law matters. 
  • Assist in the preparation of feasibility studies of new project and expansion schemes. 
  • Advise on feasibility of incorporating computer applications for accounting and financial activities. 
  • Assist in finding solutions for specific business problems such as product mix decisions, pricing decisionsand making representation to Government on various matters etc. 
  • Appraisal of personnel policies and practices. 
  • Assist in the selection of executive personnel in the areas of production, marketing, accounts, data processing, personnel, general administration etc.  
  • Acting as advisor or consultant to an issue, including such matters as drafting of prospectus and memorandum containing salient features of prospectus, preparation of publicity budget etc. 
  • Acting investment counselor in respect of securities. 
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